Boterfly finds parks

Our algorithm, of its small name Boterfly, is a big traveler! He goes from country to country, scouring the world in search of free play parks for children! When it finds one, it does its best to:

  • know the GPS coordinates of its position
  • find the name of the outdoor play park
  • find the town where the playground is located

However, not having a camera in his bag, he has limits that only adventurers like you can fill!

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The adventurers your turn!

Common objective: as you will have understood, the goal is for everyone to finally be able to easily find free play parks around them, so that children can enjoy playing all over the world!

Your role is to go and discover the outdoor play parks indexed by Boterfly, in order to:

  • take photos
  • check the equipment present
  • share your opinion with the community on the playgrounds visited

Some playgrounds sometimes escape the vigilance of Boterfly, which, it must be admitted, sometimes has its nose in the clouds! It's up to you to find them, and add them directly to our platform!

For all this, nothing could be simpler! Register now and join our best adventurers! Let the adventure begin!

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Données sources récupérées auprès d'OpenStreetMap